***Incredible Reviews!*** SUNUV "SUN5" 48W DUAL UV LED NAIL LAMP


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The SUN5 model combines professional LED/UV technology into a compact, pearl white finish design.

It cures all LED/UV gel brands, including gel polishes and hard gels.

The Crystal-Clear LED Timer Display Screen has an automatic 120s timer. No more light irritation as you can make comfortable eye contact with the SUNUV Series.

Get 50,000 hours of use, never change bulbs or batteries again.

This lamp has an incredible 4.8 OUT OF 5 STAR with 41 reviews on eBay:

"I am a professional nail tech and I can assure you this lamp is PERFECT! It's a very handy size and light weight - but not 'cheap'. It cures gels lightening fast! It does a wonderful job and it is super cute! I was pleasantly surprised that there is a magnetic bottom also. No more changing bulbs either ... another plus! And did I mention the spectacular price?!?! I highly recommend this lamp for no matter if you are a professional or for for you own personal use ... you'll love it!"

"I'm a nail technician and I wanted a back up nail light. This LED lamp is perfect for small spaces, it's light weight and VERY bright. It comes with a detachable cord for storing away. I loved how quickly it works on both UV and LED products. I was unsure at first that is would cure them in a shorter amount of time, but it certainly does!"

50000hrs of use
No batteries or replacement bulbs required
Ideal for hands and feet, full five fingers and feet curing
24 strategically placed LED/UV bulbs
Lamp Size: 8.07*7.99*3.66inch
Weight: 750g


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